Anniversary Troll, mat white 60 cm

Anniversary Troll, mat white 60 cm

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The Goodluck Troll celebrates a big anniversary in 2021.
We celebrate the story of a great success - A prestigius prize was awarded to the Goodluck Troll in 1961.

Height: 60 cm
Material: Special ceramics
Hair: Moulded hair

Incl. A6 acrylic sign. Paste your text.
Flag is not included.

In the late 50ties, Thomas Dam found a method to produce the already popular troll from Gjøl in a plastic material, which made it possible to produce many more trolls. This was strongly required in order to keep up with the tremendous demand for the troll from Gjøl, both in Denmark, but also from many countries in Europe and most recently a very large demand from the USA.

Thomas was overjoyed at the great success his trolls had, and really felt that they were bringing good luck to him and the family. Therefore, he decided that in future they should be officially named Goodluck Trolls and be commissioned with the task of bringing good luck and happiness to the new families the trolls found around the World. That is as long as the new owners valued their troll and treated it well. For many years after, all the Original Dam Goodluck Trolls were equipped with a GOODLUCK TROLL emblem to remind their new owners that their little new friend was a good luck charm.

As early as 1961, in the United States Thomas Dam’s GOODLUCK TROLL was proclaimed the toy of the year, and Thomas Dam received the prestigious TOTY award. Against this background, we do not think it is too much to celebrate the 60th anniversary of one of the great Danish, export successes.
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