Carpenter, S, Art troll

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Carpenter, S, Art troll

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The collection of Art Trolls supports the Danish Cancer Foundation and a fixed amount is donated for every sold unit.

Height: 9 cm
Material: Special ceramics
Hair: Sheepskin hair

Donation: 20 DKK for the Danish Cancer Foundation

Designed by:
Hustømrerne, Carpenter company
"HUSTØMRERNE A / S signed up for the Goodluck Troll Fundraiser in favor of the Danish Cancer Foundation with the philosophy "if we all contribute a little, we can go far ". The interest in society's challenges lies deep in our DNA, and we have shown social responsibility for the nearly 100 years since the founding of the company in 1919. Cancer is a great and frightening social challenge that must be solved jointly. Precisely the Goodluck Troll is something everyone knows and we hope that the little guy can spread the message in every corner of Denmark! 

The Goodluck Troll has sheepskin hair. Under the feet the troll has felt pads so it will stand securely on any surface.

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