Hugging troll, M, Art troll

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Hugging troll, M, Art troll

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The collection of Art Trolls supports the Danish Cancer Foundation and a fixed amount is donated for every sold unit.  

Height: 21 cm
Material: Special ceramics
Hair: Moulded hair

Donation: 30 DKK for the Danish Cancer Foundation 

Designed by:
Britt Baunsgaard, Holistic artist
"I created Hugging Goodluck Troll to bring hugs and light into the world. His message is, 'Let us hug your colors back'.
I am of the belief that all life-crises we undergo are opportunities for self-development. It requires a great inner work, and as a family member to someone that is undergoing a crisis it can be really difficult to know how to help. Being able to be present and caring and making room for the other's journey / development has already helped a lot. A healing hug goes a long way. In addition to physically holding the other one, a hug activates the happiness and love hormone oxytocin which is released in the brain, it lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and lowers stress. "

The Goodluck Troll has moulded hair. Under the feet the troll has felt pads so it will stand securely on any surface.

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