Prosperity, M, Art troll

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Prosperity, M, Art troll

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The collection of Art Trolls supports the Danish Cancer Foundation and a fixed amount is donated for every sold unit.

Height: 21 cm
Material: Special ceramics
Hair: Moulded hair

Donation: 30 DKK for the Danish Cancer Foundation

Designed by:
Karen Simonsen, Fashion designer
"Luck and troll are for me two enchanting words that give me inspiration and fill my dreams. The story behind the Goodluck Troll is unique, an authentic tale of a sympathetic world that has disappeared. I love to work creatively from a given task, where product and history play a major role. In this collaboration I am allowed to develop myself creatively and at the same time I support a good purpose. I have worked several times with the Danish Cancer Foundation for the reason that I lost my mother to the cancer last year. No one can overtake the cancer - but we can get better at treating and healing more people, and I want to be a part of that. ”

The Goodluck Troll has moulded hair. Under the feet the troll has felt pads so it will stand securely on any surface.

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