Royal Guard with rifle, Goodluck Troll

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Royal Guard with rifle, Goodluck Troll

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It is time to celebrate our everyday heroes. These are the people that everyday take part in making our everyday better! This collection of Goodluck Trolls celebrate our heroes, but also fit perfectly as an occasional gift.

Height: 9 cm.
Materials: Special ceramic
Hair: Sheepskin hair.

For more than 350 years, the proud, Danish Royal Guards have looked after our royal family. Always with newly stretched clothes, shiny shoes and the beautiful bearskin hats. They are truly a piece of Danish history - just like our Goodluck Troll. Therefore, the Royal Guard Troll is now being presented to the collection of Our Heroes. A little Royal Guard who will take care of you and those you love.

You deserve great tribute and thanks !
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