Our heroes Troll, Gardener

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Our heroes Troll, Gardener

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The garden is the troll's favorite place with lots of beautiful flowers. They bring so many happy moments, especially if the garden is well taken care of. Thanks to you, who make everything grow in the most beautiful way. You, who have green fingers and always is ready with a helping hand and a piece of advice. Nothing is better than freshly ground potatoes, fresh herbs or beautiful flowers from the garden. I can always count on you to make me and my plants grow.You deserve great tribute and thanks!

Height: 9 cm.
Materials: Special ceramics
Hair: Sheepskin hair.

It is time to celebrate our everyday heroes. These are the people that everyday take part in making our everyday better! This collection of Goodluck Trolls celebrate our heroes, but also fit perfectly as an occasional gift.

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