Our heroes troll, Bon Vivant troll

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Our heroes troll, Bon Vivant troll

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French living, food and fashion is known worldwide. The French even have a word for it, Bon vivant, and in the late 17th century, English speakers borrowed the French phrase, which literally means "one who lives well." We all have someone in our lives who's the life of the party and who enjoys life's luxuries, big and small. Bon Vivants are also known for their many friends and acquaintances, and their love of socializing, enjoys fine dining and traveling in style. So let’s celebrate our new good luck charm to all of those who puts a smile on our face and like to live well.
You deserve great tribute and thanks !

Height: 9 cm.
Materials:  Special ceramic
Hair: Sheepskin hair.

It is time to celebrate our everyday heroes. These are the people that everyday take part in making our everyday better! This collection of Goodluck Trolls celebrate our heroes, but also fit perfectly as an occasional gift.

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