Our heroes Troll, handballplayer

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Our heroes Troll, handballplayer

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Thanks to the handballplayers who entertain us with their amazing skills. Not only to those on TV, but also the children and young people in local clubs who strive to be as good as their heroes.
Thanks to all the volunteer team leaders and coaches, who, with their extra effort, help to give children and youngsters many happy hours on the handball team.
You deserve great applause and thanks!

Height: 9 cm.
Materials: Special ceramics
Hair: Sheepskin hair.

It is time to celebrate our everyday heroes. These are the people that everyday take part in making our everyday better! This collection of Goodluck Trolls celebrate our heroes, but also fit perfectly as an occasional gift.

Designed by Dam Things in close cooperation with designer Jimi Holstebro.

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